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First, quality inspectors (2)
Work content: Quality control of cutting, welding, assembling, surface treatment, etc. of steel structure products, as well as quality supervision work for external installation projects, assisting workshop directors.
job requirements:
1. Gender: Male, college degree or above, major in civil engineering (may consider graduates).
2. Have a certain foundation for CAD software, can understand the construction drawings.
Second, steel structure construction workers (2)
1. Responsible for coordinating the on-site construction of steel structures, handling and maintaining relationships with owners, supervisors, etc., and making and installing internal materials.
2, skilled CAD software, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication skills.
3. Engaged in the construction of steel structure projects for more than 2 years.
Third, the general manager of the project
Responsible for the establishment of the company's engineering project management system; overall responsible for the guidance and supervision of the operation of the project. Fully responsible for the progress, quality and safety of the project.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Participate in the preparation and revision of the company's strategic plan and annual business plan, and assist in the implementation
2. Establish and improve the project management system to guide the process and rules and regulations of project management
3. Leading project management work, skilled operation of CAD software, will be finalized, do a complete set of internal materials, familiar with production quality management system, familiar with steel structure specifications, technology
4. Responsible for the construction of the project management backbone team, supervising internal management, and assisting corporate culture construction
5. Complete other tasks assigned by the general manager
1. College degree or above, age 30-50 years old.
2. Graduated in architecture, civil engineering and other related majors
3, 8 years working experience in the construction engineering industry or steel structure industry, more than 2 years experience in high-level engineering management experience
4. Familiar with steel structure construction and installation technology, proficient in project management knowledge and engineering design related knowledge
5. Strong leadership, organizational, planning, judgment, and coaching skills
6. Strong analytical, control, execution, and resilience
7. Strong interpersonal skills, verbal expression and written expression skills
8, certain computer office and network use skills, project management system software skills
9, the monthly salary is negotiable.
The benefits of the above positions are as follows:
1. All employees of the company have work-related injury insurance, medical insurance, social security, etc.;
2. The company sets the salary system at the end of the year, the 13-pay system, and the year-end awards are distributed according to the annual results;
3. Provide single apartment-style dormitories, each apartment has a separate toilet, 10M fiber-optic broadband, Internet TV, water heater;
4, there is a unified canteen, Mid-Autumn Festival dinner, convenient transportation, there is a bus at the entrance of the factory, Fuqing has a special factory car to go to work;
5, the specific salary is negotiable, Tel: 0591-85323777

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